MIST - Multiple Integrated Systems Technology

A custom MIST platform can display different versions and programs to different individual users based on controls automatically created in each end user’s personal profile.

Imagine a single website that can allow a company to offer to it employees, customers and even other business clients, a personal web portal they access under a single sign-in to gain instant access to:

  1. their own personalized CashBack mall, social communities, personalized home page, game room, personal content, etc.;
  2. their own personal on-line bank accounts;
  3. their corporate employee payroll accounts, and also other independent benefits accounts from other vendors like health insurance claims management, HSA accounts, employee loyalty programs, etc; and
  4. enroll for the services of other vendors that the company wishes to offer to its employees and/or customers.

This same platform can also be developed to offer your corporate clients their own branded version of your platform, to offer to their own employees and/or customers. This functionality can include allowing each of the company’s selected corporate clients to have independent control over to what their end user’s have access and are allowed to see and do once logged into their personal portal.

Your custom platform can even be designed to include an infinite numbers of ways to break up and share revenue with a company’s (or its client’s) independent sales forces. This means everything on the site that produces any form of revenue can then be tracked with commissions shared in infinite configurations of payouts; to different groups of sales people; all operating under the same platform.

Since VIR is a technology company, it can develop new functionalities that do not currently exist to integrate or enhance a company’s offerings. VIR’s programming team is also available to create custom programming for its customers outside of custom mall development. The cost of a custom designed mall or other custom programming is dependent on the required functionality, design and custom programming required.

Examples of MIST solutions: