Very Important Relationships, Inc.

Very Important Relationship offers the following turn-key solutions to strengthen the relationships that matter most to your organization.


Turnkey Programs

Very Important Relationships understands that your company or organization is unique in its needs, goals and the audience which you serve, whether it’s your customers, employees, parishners, or supporters. That is why we provide a range of program platforms designed to address the particulars of your industry or market segment. We offer a variety of charitable giving and CashBack programs to choose from, some with a unique focus to a particular industry sector such as Customer Loyalty, Real Estate, or particular non-profit focus, such as schools and churches.

VIR also build custom platforms for more targeted needs of its larger clients. To learn more visit our CUSTOM, MIST and LOYALTY sections., &


Our Platforms


Don’t see a program that quite fits your organizations needs?
Ask about getting your own custom platform – we’ll create just the right site for your individual needs.

Please contact us about creating a custom platform for my organization.



Program Platforms

Our custom-branded shopping sites can be used to:
Motivate and reward employees customers, or members.
Strengthen the power of your brand
Generate new revenue streams
Increase customer loyalty and referrals
Help you stand out from the crowd